• Restaurant Suntory

    Restaurant Suntory

    Restaurant Suntory has been a solid fixture at the Royal Hawaiian Center for decades. They were looking to revamp their website with one that could be updated efficiently. We art directed the photo shoot and developed a custom WordPress website featuring Open Table reservations and an extensive gallery. Users may also toggle between Japanese and English pages.

  • HJCC Generational Awards 2014

    The Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce’s 10th Annual Generational Awards honored the Totoki family. To symbolize the family’s uniqueness, the invitation did not come as a standard bi-fold card. We designed the piece with a rather creative unfolding, that slowly revealed more information about the event.

  • wilsonokamoto

    Wilson Okamoto

    Wilson Okamoto Corporation, one of the oldest engineering firms in Hawaii, came to us looking for a website overhaul. They weren’t able to update their previous website to showcase current projects. We developed a site with a user-friendly content management system that allowed for a project organization system within their portfolio.

  • First Hawaiian Bank

    First Hawaiian Bank came to us with the challenge of rebranding their Wealth Management collateral. These pieces would go out to some of the wealthiest individuals and companies in the state, and their collateral at the time was more than 10 years old. So we developed a system that featured two of Hawaii’s top artists as cover art for the brochures. Working with these images gave the pieces the sophisticated feel that it needed. Further down the road, we also coordinated a photo shoot to update many of the images in the brochures. It involved more than 12 models and actors, 2 photographers and multiple locations.

  • Turtle Bay Resort SEIS

    We worked with Turtle Bay’s public relation’s firm, TLC PR, to create a community outreach brochure. We created unique visuals to communicate the amount of information the development company wanted the public to know. Using infographics, stylized maps and graphs, along with powerful images, we were able to convey the information in a friendly and easy-to-read format.