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If you’ve always wanted to own your own newspaper, then the Newspaper theme might be exactly what you need. This is the perfect theme for anyone who wants to start a new site and then supported using advertising. News today is big business, especially specialty news in specific niches that people cannot get anywhere else. Some of the news that has started in these tiny niches has grown to massive proportions; like gaming. If you have your own interests that you want to report on, this is the perfect theme to start with.

This premium WordPress theme is perfect for blogging, creating magazine articles or publishing short newspaper articles. It also works extremely well is a review site. You can post videos from multiple sources around the web, it is mobile ready and responsive and there are many different motifs that it is already set up for including fashion, lifestyle, food, tact, travel, cryptocurrency, minimalist lifestyle and more.

This theme is used on nearly 70,000 news, magazine and review sites, and almost all of those users have rated it at a perfect five stars. This theme is easy to use, but it is also robust and versatile, with plenty of features to allow you to customize the site to fit your own unique vision.

Some of the features that this theme has include complete front end design, lightweight build, fast performance, built primarily on mobile but with support for all devices, free lifetime updates, modern designs and eight premium plug-ins already included and integrated into the theme.

What really makes this theme perfect for anyone who is considering it for news, magazine or reviews is that there are more than 50 demos included with it and all of them are built around these uses. Often, what you find with premium WordPress themes is that the demos that are included are so wide and varied the you only get one or two choices with a specific use in mind. However, all of these demos could be used for a news website, magazine or product review page so you are able to get a lot closer to what the picture is in your mind for your website when it is up and running.

This theme is also Google AMP ready and it loads content up to five times faster than other news websites out there because it only loads the essential content to create the right user experience. This is absolutely vital when you’re setting up a news website and hoping to outrank other news articles because Google will give priority to sites with quicker loading because they can get the latest news in the hands of the consumer faster than slow loading sites.

This WordPress theme has everything you could want if you are starting a news website or magazine online. It already has search engine optimization integrated in it along with eight premium WordPress plug-ins that will make your review site, webzine or niche news site run a lot smoother.


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Newspaper is a WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease.
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Create a great news website with our newspaper template. This bestseller theme is perfect for blogging and excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine,...

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